Liis Kilgast

Liis has been interested in video editing and animation for over a decade. She started filming different events and editing the videos at an early age and has made learning and music videos for school projects. Currently, she is completing her professional higher education studies in graphic design. For the last two years, she has worked as a designer and 3D modeller. In addition to video and image processing, Liis is also engaged in web design and UX and UI solutions. She is cheerful, persistent, and has a positive attitude. She never says no to new challenges and possibilities to develop herself. At Medihub, Liis is responsible for making promotional videos and improving the website's design and user friendliness.

Our team

  1. Helary Lainjärv

    Helary Lainjärv


  2. Eero Ränik

    Eero Ränik


  3. Rasmus Saks

    Rasmus Saks


  4. Laura Mägi

    Laura Mägi

    Medical Development Manager

  5. Ave Põld

    Ave Põld


  6. Sigrid Liira

    Sigrid Liira

    Lead Designer

  7. Kristi Reinfeldt

    Kristi Reinfeldt


  8. Gert Vesterberg

    Gert Vesterberg


  9. Veikko Jarmala

    Veikko Jarmala

    Finnish Consultant

  10. Maksim Zagura

    Maksim Zagura

    Radiology Consultant

  11. Liis Kilgast

    Liis Kilgast


  12. Margus Niitsoo

    Margus Niitsoo

    Algorithms Engineer

  13. Kristjan Vedel

    Kristjan Vedel

    Lead Developer


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