Sigrid Liira

A recent graduate of Tartu Art School who graduated with honors having majored in the field of graphic design and desktop publishing. She has been described as a person with a positive outlook on life, as well as a good teammate; her school has said of her: Sigrid = discipline. In November 2015, she worked as a graphic designer for a Spanish company Grupo Lidertel as part of the Erasmus+ program. She has collaborated with the magazine Sensa by both designing and photographing. She has been inspired by creativity throughout her life: she has graduated from a music school for children in integrated studies, she has been a photographer for seven years, she has done face paints for children at parties and has partaken in numerous other creative activities. Sigrid's tasks at Medihub include designing, photographing and everything else that requires a creative approach.

Our team

  1. Helary Lainjärv

    Helary Lainjärv


  2. Eero Ränik

    Eero Ränik


  3. Rasmus Saks

    Rasmus Saks


  4. Laura Mägi

    Laura Mägi

    Medical Development Manager

  5. Ave Põld

    Ave Põld


  6. Sigrid Liira

    Sigrid Liira

    Lead Designer

  7. Kristi Reinfeldt

    Kristi Reinfeldt


  8. Gert Vesterberg

    Gert Vesterberg


  9. Veikko Jarmala

    Veikko Jarmala

    Finnish Consultant

  10. Maksim Zagura

    Maksim Zagura

    Radiology Consultant

  11. Liis Kilgast

    Liis Kilgast


  12. Margus Niitsoo

    Margus Niitsoo

    Algorithms Engineer

  13. Kristjan Vedel

    Kristjan Vedel

    Lead Developer


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