• Psychologist’s consultation

      22 clinics

      A psychologist is a specialist with a higher education who studies, consults and treats people with psychological or mental disorders. A clinical psychologist assesses the intellectual development, train of thought and personality characteristics of a person and helps him or her to cope with emotional stress, overcome depression, phobias and anxiety disorders or improve human relationships. Unlike a psychiatrist, a psychologist has no right to prescribe psychiatric medications. During the appointment, a psychologist uses different counseling and psychotherapy methods. The most popular psychotherapy methods are cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, family therapy and psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

    • Dietitian’s consultation

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      A dietitian or a nutritionist is a healthcare professional who focuses specifically on human nutrition and exercise habits. Dietitians help clients to change their eating habits for the better, and draw up an individual plan for each client. The aim of the dietitian is to help the client to lose or, if necessary, to gain weight through balanced and healthy nutrition. Losing excess weight (lowering body fat percentage) and a healthy diet are very important in the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and others.