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Health and beauty have always been seen as basic values of human life. Good health allows us to lead a wholesome life, while good looks provide us with the basic building blocks of self-confidence and social success. The combination of the two enables us to obtain balance and harmony and improves the quality of our everyday life. Just as medication and treatments may sometimes prove ineffective, cosmetic and beauty procedures cannot always solve the concerns we have about our beauty and looks. Significant developments in contemporary cosmetic surgery have yielded numerous patient-friendly methods for achieving the wellbeing you desire.The name of our centre – ArtiaClinic – refers to a combination of art, cosmetics and plastic surgery, all of which contribute to beauty and harmony within and around us.ArtiaClinic provides you with friendly support and superior service on your journey towards a new life, which can be beautiful beyond your wildest dreams.




Katrin Krüünvald

Katrin Krüünvald

Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon
Chief surgeon, leading doctor and majority shareholder of the clinic. Dr. Krüünvald graduated from the medical faculty of the University of Tartu in 1989 and went on to specialise in cosmetic surgery. She has regularly participated in various training courses organised by different cosmetic surgery clinics in the United Kingdom, Germany, France and USA and has also taken a course at the Tallinn Academy of Arts. Proficient in all major fields of cosmetic surgery, she has practiced cosmetic and plastic surgery since 1996. Dr. Krüünvald is a member of the European Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and an international member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.
Artur Klett

Artur Klett

Higher category eye surgeon
Higher category surgeon specialising in eye surgery and surgery of the ophthalmic region. (Licence No. D00812). Dr. Klett has extensive experience in operating on eyes and the ophthalmic region. He performs ophthalmic plastic surgery, a field requiring the delicacy and precision of an eye surgeon. Member of: The European Board of Ophthalmology; Association of Estonian Ophthalmology.