Mikroķirurģijas centrs

Address: Brīvības gatve 410, Rīga
Opening times: Mon – Fri 09:00 – 17:00

The Microsurgery Centre is one of the largest plastic surgery clinics in the Baltic States, offering aesthetic, reconstructive and hand surgery services. Using our vast range of practical and aesthetic (cosmetic) medical skills, we do our best to help You achieve Your goal – a healthy and beautiful body – with utmost quality. Our team consists of vigorous, young, yet already experienced plastic surgeons, traumatologists, orthopaedists and child surgeons, who have acquired, still obtain and further develop their expertise through periodical employment at various positions imposing full clinical responsibility in USA, Singapore, Norway, German and Austria.

For our clients convinience we offer our services outside crowded center of Riga - our clinics located in Gaiļezers and Jugla.

Hand surgery - Dupuytren's disease, Carpal tunnel syndrome and Cubital tunnel syndrome - diagnostics and treatment; Reconstructive microsurgery - we offer Treatment of nerve damage, reconstructive surgeries of head and neck, Plastic surgery - brest enlargement , plastic suregry of face and other parts of the body.