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Professional beautician services, which provide a wide range of modern cosmetology procedures. Effective treatments with the use of modern and safe injections, with the help of the best cosmetics it is possible to achieve truly fantastic results. There are different terms used to describe the following procedure: micropigmentation, permanent make-up, tattoo or dermapigmentation. However, the meaning remains the same – with the help of thin needle and required equipment special dye is introduced under the epidermal (upper) layer of skin. The main objectives of the procedure are to correct imperfections, accent and fix the asymmetry, as well as lay a touch of harmony to our face features. Permanent make-up can be applied to face skin (lips, eyebrows, lids etc.) or body (breast areola, body parts with hair pelage).


This is a wonderful opportunity to receive a professional consultation even before the procedure. As if "trying on" the potential make-up will help to visualize how your face can be transformed by a micropigmentation specialist, who knows the principles and peculiarities of creating a literate pattern. This long-lasting make-up will allow you to save a lot of time, that can be an essential factor for active and business people. The multi-purpose nature of this make-up will let its owner look faultlessly in all circumstances – on the beach, in gymnasium or swimming pool. Make-up has become a mandatory thing in a modern woman's outer appearance, so micropigmentation is particularly important for represenatives of those professions that require the presence of ideal everyday make-up. As the pigmented zones tend to fade and lose primary brightness in the course of time, a possibility of modifying the intensity and form takes place, which allows customer to experiment alongside with the development and changes in his style and taste. Micropigmentation may be extremely important to elderly people, who sometimes face the difficulty in drawing fair and straight lines. Anti-aging methods of the given technology will assist in looking noticeably younger and more attractive. Micropigmentation allows to correct and adjust unaesthectic appearance changes (scars, rumens), giving customers not only estethic beauty and satisfaction, but also providing indirect psyshological help.


Eyebrows micropigmentation:

• Simmetric, soft shaded eyebrows with correct shape – they play main role in surrounding people perception of your emotional individuality. Sharp and fully coloured eyebrows even with correct shape can give to the face "heaviness" and rudeness.

• That's why "hair by hair" technique became very popular. For those ones, who has no or not many hairs on eyebrows, it is possible to combine several tones of one colour, pretending to draw hair and shadow of this hair. But for bright blondies or red- hair brunettes 3 coloured technique is used, when we draw through the shape several hairs of blond or copper colour. Highlighting under eyebrows makes view fresher, and gives visual lifting effect.

• During the consultation we definitely inform you about all the possibilities of treatment and suggest most suitable decision exactly for you.

Eyes micropigmentation:

• That time, when permanent make up specialist could offer to the client only black eyeliner drawing, is passed. It could become great problem after deformation of the shape and degradation of the colour. Modern colourants and equipment allows create light shaded effects, which only make up artists could use before.

• We always start with eyelash enhancer, but it is so simple. Maybe you like to use calm eye shadows of different tones to enhance eye shape or colour? Then I can offer to you pixel or soft shadowing with soft natural tones of grey, brown, olive, lagoon or even unusual mustard colour.

• Do you like to use beige pencils or shadows with pearl effect? Even for you we can find decision - transparent highlighting colour shadowing will "open" the look and make it fresher, gives pearl effect.

Lips micropigmentation:

• Sharp lips contour with half or full shadowing – this is classical permanent make up for the lips. But maybe you do not like to use bright lipsticks and contour pencils but prefer transparent glosses? Then aquarelle fulfilling technique is made right for you! Soft filling with colour of natural tone (beige, peach, pinkish) this is what can give to your lips freshness and healthy look without artificiality for a long period of time.

• Nature didn't give you full lips? This is so simple to correct-soft highlighting with special colour over upper lip gives volume and sensitivity.

• It is possible to combine several techniques for getting maximal attractive effect.

Paramedical micropigmentation:

• Not only decorative make up can be done with micropigmentation. This treatment can solve also another problems, connected with changes of skin colour: scars (after traumas, crashes, operations); alopecia (absence of hairs in eyebrows, lashes or head zone); vitiligo (depigmentated skin zones).

• Work in delicate zone of women's breast also takes place in paramedical micropigmentation. Sometimes after breast implantation there are scars around areola, which can and must be camouflaged with colour of areola, achieving perfect visual effect.

• But unfortunately sometimes breast implantation is forced. After mastectomy operations, when breast gland is moved away because of cancer cells presence in it, breast prosthesis is implanted inside. In this case areola is absent. But it can be recreated with 3-dimentional drawing.

• Often ray therapy included into treating process of breast cancer. Complete or particular alopecia (hear loss) can be the side effect of it. In this case micropigmentation is great decision of problem complex.


• If you already have permanent make up, which you want to fix, come to consultation. I will try to help you. For every case there is correct decision: laser or chemical removing, camouflage, colour correction, laser colour correction and so on. If you are going to make permanent make up, please read ATTENTION section before: (

Laser removal (permanent make up, tattoo):

• Laser removal of permanent makeup is the impact of laser pulses on the under skin pigment. "Laser strike" provokes local temperature increasement and the pigment is destroyed. Then its decay products removed from the body by lymphatic system. Similarly, the laser operates at tattoos removal.

• If you have a tattoo or permanent makeup which you do not like, and you want to get rid of it - "Center of professional micropigmentation" will help you. Special laser system Nd: YAG Q-Swithed Laser (neodymium laser) is used to remove low-quality permanent and tattoos.

• The laser has the following indications: Tattoos of different colors and the depth depigmentation. Partial or complete removal of the pattern of permanent make-up, including anatomically difficult areas: eyelids, eyebrows, lips. Correction of permanent makeup and tattoos. Impregnation of the skin pigment particles as a result of injury or traumatic tattoos. Red eyebrows correction.

Micropigmentation for men and hair imitation micropigmentation (trihopigmentation):

• Scalp Pigmentation helped many men all over the world to have a modern, wellgroomed, youthful appearance, regardless of age and degree of hair loss in different parts of the head and face. During the process of pigmentation dye with micro dots is implanted into the top layer of skin using a special equipment. Each dot repeats individual shaved hair follicle (hair shaved effect), all of which creates the illusion of uniform shaved head. This technology can also create the effect of density at the place of hair thinning (the effect of density).

All preparations are absolutely safe, will not cause allergic reactions or any complications:

• Beauty injections; contour correction; volumetric plastic; redermalization; biorevitalization; face mezotherapy.

Services of a professional SPA master:

• Classic massage; anti-cellulite massage; vacuum cupping massage; manicure – pedicure.



Inga Deržnikele

Inga Deržnikele

Specialization: eyebrows' micropigmentation (hair by hair, shading, combined technique), eyes' micropigmentation (eyelash enhancer, eyeliner, shading, illumination), lips' micropigmentation, laser removals, sleek brows treatment.
Inga Rasuma

Inga Rasuma

Work specialization: eyebrows micropigmentation (shading, combined technique, hair technique, micropblading), eyes micropigmentation (eyelash enhancer, eyeliner, shadingss, illuminations), lips micropigmentation.
Kristīna Cveka

Kristīna Cveka

Specification of treatments: hair imitation micropigmentation (tricopigmentation).
Nadežda Deržnikele

Nadežda Deržnikele

Head of the clinic, leading specialist