Sky Dream Clinic

Address: Bērzaunes iela 7, Rīga
Opening times: Mon – Fri 08:00 – 20:00,
Sat 10:00 – 16:00
Phone number: +371 2 0012559

SKY DREAM CLINIC specialists will provide highly-qualified help, give advice on oral cavity care and treatment, depending on your individual characteristics, dental specialists will select appropriate treatment procedures and medication and answer all your questions.

SKY DREAM CLINIC is fitted with innovative dental equipment and specialists employ the newest treatment methods:

Individual approach towards treatment methods;

Comfortable and hospitable atmosphere;

Your personal time saving;

Dental specialist in every field of expertise - dental hygiene specialists, surgeons, implant surgeons;

Reasonable price policy.

We work in different directions and offer qualitative range of various services:

Therapy - caries elimination and dental fillings;

Removable and non-removable prosthetics - dental implants, porcelain and porcelain fused to metal crowns in adentia cases;

Tooth form restoration - fixation of veneers and lumineers. Your "Hollywood smile" dream realization;

Surgery - teeth extraction and implantology;

Aesthetic procedures - cleaning and whitening, dental plaque removal;

Pediatric dentistry - teeth extraction and treatment, caries maintenance without tears and crying.

Our concept: we are following the principle that health and beauty are inseparable. Therefore, for the convenience of our patients all services are gathered in one place, in order to provide a wide range of modern treatment procedures. Aesthetic cosmetology, physiotherapist, osteopath, face and body centering, therapeutic massage, manicure and pedicure cabinet, micropigmentation, ICOONE LASER.



Dmitrijs Papsujevičs

Dmitrijs Papsujevičs

Leading dental prosthetist, implant surgeon
Highly qualified specialist and a man of great erudition, who successfully combines both medical practice and organisational work, and is truly a professional in his field. Field of expertise encloses: surgical dentistry, including implantology. Working experience allows to multidimensionally detect each patient's oral cavity problems and to find ways for possible solutions in cases of complicated clinical conditions.
Līga Skutele

Līga Skutele

Therapist, pediatric dental specialist
Our patients describe Liga as an outgoing, kind-hearted and always smiling person, who is a true professional in her field of expertise. Dr.Skutele successfully deals even with the most complicated cases and regularly attends seminars and qualification training courses. She always explains to her patients that it is necessary to visit your dentist if you experience acute tooth pain.
Renāte Vēvere

Renāte Vēvere

Therapist, pediatric dental specialist
Attentive and sensitive doctor, who treats whole families as she practices treatment methods both for children and adults. Dr.Vevere dedicates a large amount of time to mastering her professional skills.
Anna Šavrova

Anna Šavrova