Sociālās integrācijas valsts aģentūra (SIVA)

Address: Dubultu pr. 71, Jūrmala
Opening times: Mon – Sun 00:00 – 24:00

The Social Integration State Agency (SIVA) has more then 30 years experience of providing the social rehabilitation services.

SIVA is based in the middle of Jurmala, Jaundubulti, on the bay of Baltic sea, that builds coniferous forest, sandhill, see and fresh air.

SIVA is located 20 km far from the Capital city of Latvia - Riga. We will wait You with comfortable clean environment. We offer our clients comfortable single and double rooms. Every room is equipped with a shower, toilet, TV, free internet access (WiFi in the hall). We also provide free internet in the client's room, if he has taken his laptop (client can ask about the availablity of the Internet cable at the reception). We have special equipped rooms for costumers with movement disorders, with functional limitation, for people who are moving in wheelchairs.

SIVA has professional specialists – doctors, ergotherapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, physical and rehabilitation doctor and nurses, massages, social rehabilitators and nutrition specialist. SIVA offers different rehabilitation services and applies in Latvia registrated rehabilitation technologies:

• Physiotherapy – rehabilitation industry for reducing functional disorders, using different physiotherapy technologies, individual and group classes, in the hall, in the pool, sling therapy, scoliosis therapy by Schroth method, kinesiological or medical taping, sensory module "Armeo" of physiotherapy (robot technology), Nordic walking, dosing walks, in the summer is available sensory trail with natural materials which are available in Latvia, all year round – morning gymnastic in the fresh air at the sea or dune zone;

• Ergotherapy – an individualizes evaluation, during which the client and ergotherapist determine the persons goals, customized intervention to improve the person's ability to perform daily activities. Recommendations for environmental adaption, ergonomics and adaptive equipment and training in its use, and guidance and education for family members and caregivers. Ergotherapist helps the client to adapt to the new circumstances by educating about technical aids (i.e., about choice, opportunities to get them, adaptation and use), and advises about home environment adaptation;

• Hydrotherapy – softwood-pearl bath for the whole body or separately for hands and feet, underwater massage, healing showers - circular, Sharko and ascendant, medical pool and thermotherapy (Steam bath);

• Therapeutic application – local sapropel mud, paraffin, clay and ozokerite mountain wax applications;

• Physical therapy – amplipulstherapy, darsonvalorisation, light therapy (diadinamics), functional magnetic stimulation (to reduce incontinence), inhalation (aerosol therapy), classic massage, laser therapy, lymphatic drainage (presotherapy), magnetotherapy, salt therapy and ultrasound (phonopheresis);

• Psychologist support – individual counseling, couple and family counseling, group lessons and thematic lectures (e.g. relaxation classes, communication lessons, self-cognition and personality training, e.t.c.);

• Medical consultations and monitoring – consulting, functional status assessment and individual rehabilitation plan development.

SIVA provides twenty four hour medical staff monitoring and emergency medical assistance.

Customers can get individual rehabilitation programs and medical procedures, that promoted your independence, health and improves their life quality long run or health promotion programs such as "Back Health course", "Vitality", "Relaxation", "Body detox course", "Restart your workforce", etc.

There's possible to receive rehabilitation and health promotion services for the whole Family.

SIVA for customers offer to spend their free time meaningful, SIVA has – library, useful, informative and health-promoting lectures, dance evenings, live music concerts, meetings with artists, opportunity to visit the museums, opportunity to go on excursions e.c.

For our customers we offer balanced, vitamins rich dietetic catering according to the established norms. If the client needs a correction in the catering, the nutritionist will evaluate the client's daily eating habits, physical activities and functional abilities, develop a customized catering program for the client.

SIVA works all Year. The rehabilitation programs are secured completely and every day – this can reduce the time of recovery period.

SIVA also offers Rooms for business meeting, for conferences, for seminars or for some other event.