Address: Paldiski mnt. 68a, 10617 Tallinn
Opening times: Mon – Thu 09:00 – 18:00,
Fri 09:00 – 17:00
Average waiting time for an appointment: 3 weeks
Phone number: +372 606 7747

The Hospital of Orthopaedics is an independent company dedicated to creating the best elective and outpatient treatment in Europe. The hospital model is developed in line with international best practice standards providing an innovative and proven effective approach to health systems in different countries. The Hospital of Orthopaedics provides services commissioned by Estonian Health Insurance Fund and offers patients a choice of private provision. The company’s commitment to high quality ensures that everyone is treated equally, regardless of the way the care is funded. In a competitive market The Hospital of Orthopaedics has been successful in treating a number of prestigious athletes, including several Olympic Champions. Extensive experience, focus on quality and personal approach are the key elements for patients choosing this hospital over other providers.

The Hospital of Orthopaedics works in close partnership with local health care communities to ensure the development of integrated approaches putting the patient at the centre and providing seamless service. The hospital contributes to clinical networks, supports the training and education of healthcare professionals and works in close relationship with National Health Insurance Fund.