Loote Ultraheliskriining

Address: Tammsaare tee 47, 11316 Tallinn
Phone number: +372 656 6162

We offer high-quality private ultrasound service based on the most advanced technology in the cosy environment which meets the internationally established requirements. Fetal Ultrasound Screening Center is the OSCAR clinic licensed by Fetal Medicine Foundation where the following services are rendered for the pregnant women up to 11 -13 weeks of pregnancy within one visit: fetal chromosomal risk assessment, early risk assessment of pre-eclampsia, risk assessment of fetal intrauterine growth restriction, early screening of developmental abnormalities of fetal heart, early screening of fetal neural tube pathology. In case of increased chromosomal risk of the fetus we provide reliable, one of the most accurate non-invasive screening test today – Panorama test and, if required, the fetal invasive chromosomal and genetic diagnostics and consultation in cooperation with Tallinn Department of Genetics of Tartu University Clinic. We have created a cosy and family-centred ultrasound centre where the whole family can come to admire the future human being. This strengthens the family relations and enables to enjoy the wonderful time of pregnancy. In addition to up-to-date advanced technology and complicated diagnostic and screening programmes humanity, great client service and individuality are essential in our everyday work.