Dr. Niine Nahakliinik

Address: Kotka 12, 11315 Tallinn
Average waiting time for an appointment: 5 days
Phone number: 615 4115

We diagnose and treat skin diseases, various allergies and sexually transmitted diseases. We offer skin cancer risk assessment, testing and necessary treatment for all age groups. By using the newest technologies, we ensure that our dermatologists, oncologists and surgeons can diagnose and treat skin issues quickly and accurately.

The portfolio of our clinic’s beauty services offers our patients modern and as non-invasive beauty services as possible which have good results. The specialists of the specific field (dermatologist or plastic surgeon, nurse) are involved in the planning and provision of the service. We use safe products and adhere to stringent standards when performing the procedures.

You can find us here:

Kotka Tervisemaja, Kotka 12, 2nd floor, Kristiine City District, 11315 Tallinn. Enter through the main entrance door from the side of the football stadium / Tondi Street.

You can come to us by bus line 23 and exit at the bus stop “Kotka”.