Orthopaedic surgeon’s consultation

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  • Tartu Linna Polikliinik
    Gildi 8, 51007 Tartu
  • Tipparst OÜ
    Vaksali 17, 50410 Tartu
  • Spordimeditsiini Sihtasutus
    Tondi 84/3, 11316 Tallinn
    Spordimeditsiini SA offers a range of sport and exercise medicine tests, treatments and consultations to fitness athletes, young athletes and professional athletes as well as anyone who practices or intends to start practicing any sport. Spordimeditsiini SA (Sports Medicine Foundation) was established in 1998 by the Estonian Olympic Committee to ensure the provision of high-quality sport and exercise medicine services to professional athletes. We are still a partner of the Estonian Olympic Committee. The majority of the Estonian Olympic team which competed at the Olympic Games in Rio had their health examinations conducted by our facility. We also provide treatment too professional athletes in case of injuries and for recovery purposes.We also provide services of the Olympic level of quality to fitness athletes and young athletes. Our highly acclaimed and experienced SEM doctors, SEM trauma surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons specialized in SEM traumatology and physiotherapists contribute to the prevention of illnesses, determination of physical performance capability, health promotion and speedy recovery.
  • Villa Medica
    Villa 3, 80010 Pärnu
    Villa Medica is a private clinic established in 1996 to offer day surgery and special treatment packages for various health problems. Private clinic main areas of expertise are surgical specialties – orthopedic surgery, general surgery, plastic surgery. In addition to surgical services, Villa Medica offer expert care for many medical conditions, and these specialties support each other in a holistic approach of complex care for human health.
  • Artrosportkliinik
    Pärnu mnt. 67A, Tallinn
  • Lasnamäe Medicum
    Punane 61, Tallinn
    Medicum is the largest outpatient care facility providing general and special medical care in Estonia, and it has been operating since 1986 when it developed from Lasnamäe polyclinic. Over the years, Medicum has expanded across the country it has also opened Sadama Medicum in Tallinn city centre. Our GP centres are located at Tallinn, Haiba, Padise, Harju-Risti, Riisipere and Turba. Medicum trademark encompasses Medicum, Medicum GP Centre, Medicum Dental and Home Nurse and employs roughly 450 people, more than 300 of whom are healthcare professionals. Medicum offers high-quality GP and special medical care services, rehabilitation therapy and a home nursing service. Our doctors have state-of-the-art ultrasound and functional diagnostics tools and laboratories. We have our own training centre and a department of science and development. We also actively participate in international clinical studies. The availability of quality medical assistance is one of our main priorities.
  • Ortopeediaarstid
    Paldiski mnt. 68a, 10617 Tallinn
    The Hospital of Orthopaedics is an independent company dedicated to creating the best elective and outpatient treatment in Europe. The hospital model is developed in line with international best practice standards providing an innovative and proven effective approach to health systems in different countries. The Hospital of Orthopaedics provides services commissioned by Estonian Health Insurance Fund and offers patients a choice of private provision. The company’s commitment to high quality ensures that everyone is treated equally, regardless of the way the care is funded. In a competitive market The Hospital of Orthopaedics has been successful in treating a number of prestigious athletes, including several Olympic Champions. Extensive experience, focus on quality and personal approach are the key elements for patients choosing this hospital over other providers. The Hospital of Orthopaedics works in close partnership with local health care communities to ensure the development of integrated approaches putting the patient at the centre and providing seamless service. The hospital contributes to clinical networks, supports the training and education of healthcare professionals and works in close relationship with National Health Insurance Fund.
  • AS Ida-Tallinna Keskhaigla (ITK)
    Ravi tn 18, 10138 Tallinn
    There are 7 individual clinics at the heart of East Tallinn Central Hospital – Diagnostic Clinic, Clinic of Internal Medicine, Eye Clinic, Women`s Clinic, Surgery Clinic, Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation and Long-Term Nursing Clinic. Clinics in turn include centers and departments which are focused on a specialty in a more strict meaning. Medical operation is supported by administration and several services.
  • Ortokliinik
    Ravi 27, Tallinn
    Ortokliinik takes care of patients aged 15+ and specialises in treatment of: changes in the shape and position of toes, congenital and aquired foot deformities, foot ganglion cysts, foot osteophytes (bone spurs), plantar fasciitis (heel pain), Achilles tendonitis, diseases of the ankle.
  • The focus of the Sports Traumatology Centre of the Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic of Tartu University Hospital is on treatment of the orthopaedic problems of active people regardless of age. We provide preventive counselling, surgical treatment and active rehabilitation. The Centre's team includes orthopaedic surgeons Dr Leho Rips and Dr Madis Rahu. The Sports Traumatology Centre of Tartu University Hospital is the only centre in the Baltic states that specialises in the treatment of sports injuries. The Centre offers complex diagnosis and treatment with definitive solutions as well as specific post-operative and/or post injury rehabilitation. The specialists working at the Sports Traumatology Centre are Dr Leho Rips, who is head of the centre, and senior consultant Dr Madis Rahu. Dr Rips and Dr Rahu have worked and professionally trained in a number of the world´s best clinics in Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Switzerland, Brazil, the USA and many other countries. They are also both active members of the Estonian Society of Arthroscopy and Sports Traumatology and ESSKA. To a lesser degree, the Sports Traumatology Centre specialises in the conservative management and surgical treatment of sports injuries. Dr Leho Rips and Dr Madis Rahu, the Centre's orthopaedic surgeons, have extensive experience in performing various modern operations: on the knee joint: restoration ACL and PCL anterior and posterior cruciate ligament, treatment of meniscus and cartilage injuries, instability of the kneecap, meniscus implantation (with ACTIFIT implant). on the shoulder joint: restoration and suturing of the rotator cuff, operative treatment of instability. on the ankle joint: osteochondritis, pathologies of the Achilles tendon. treatment of injuries to the elbow joint and the other joints. In addition, the Centre also provides joint injection therapy with Synvisc ONE and Durolane. Autologous blood injection - Arthrex ACP.is used in the treatment of cartilage, tendons and ligaments of the joints.