Sclerotherapy for varicose veins

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  • AS Lääne-Tallinna Keskhaigla
    Paldiski mnt 68, 10617 Tallinn
    West Tallinn Central Hospital comprises 11 clinics with state of the art equipment. Our strength is the multifaceted nature of the clinical departments and specialists and the polyclinic unit. We are proud to be among the top European health care providers in a number of specialties. Our goal is to be a patient-centred and caring hospital where teamwork comes first and the work does not proceed only from medical knowledge but also empathy toward patients.
  • Estmedica Kliinik
    Narva mnt. 31, 10120 Tallinn
  • SA Põltsamaa Tervis
    Lossi 49, Põltsamaa 48104
  • Estonian Vein Clinic
    Raua tänav 32, Tallinn
    Estonian Vein Clinic offers state of the art management of varicose veins – radiofrequency ablation (RFA), endovenous laser ablation (EVLA), adhesive (VenaSeal). Our team follows the latest guidelines on the management of varicose veins, making sure our patients get the best available treatment possible. Our experienced team of surgeons and nurses will make our patients feel safe and comfortable throughout the whole treatment session.
  • Vitaclinika
    Tartu mnt 16, Tallinn
  • €70
  • Lasnamäe Medicum
    Punane 61, Tallinn
    Medicum is the largest outpatient care facility providing general and special medical care in Estonia, and it has been operating since 1986 when it developed from Lasnamäe polyclinic. Over the years, Medicum has expanded across the country it has also opened Sadama Medicum in Tallinn city centre. Our GP centres are located at Tallinn, Haiba, Padise, Harju-Risti, Riisipere and Turba. Medicum trademark encompasses Medicum, Medicum GP Centre, Medicum Dental and Home Nurse and employs roughly 450 people, more than 300 of whom are healthcare professionals. Medicum offers high-quality GP and special medical care services, rehabilitation therapy and a home nursing service. Our doctors have state-of-the-art ultrasound and functional diagnostics tools and laboratories. We have our own training centre and a department of science and development. We also actively participate in international clinical studies. The availability of quality medical assistance is one of our main priorities.
  • Tartu Linna Polikliinik
    Gildi 8, 51007 Tartu
  • Dr. Niine Nahakliinik
    Kotka 12, 11315 Tallinn
    We diagnose and treat skin diseases, various allergies and sexually transmitted diseases. We offer skin cancer risk assessment, testing and necessary treatment for all age groups. By using the newest technologies, we ensure that our dermatologists, oncologists and surgeons can diagnose and treat skin issues quickly and accurately. The portfolio of our clinic’s beauty services offers our patients modern and as non-invasive beauty services as possible which have good results. The specialists of the specific field (dermatologist or plastic surgeon, nurse) are involved in the planning and provision of the service. We use safe products and adhere to stringent standards when performing the procedures. You can find us here: Kotka Tervisemaja, Kotka 12, 2nd floor, Kristiine City District, 11315 Tallinn. Enter through the main entrance door from the side of the football stadium / Tondi Street. You can come to us by bus line 23 and exit at the bus stop “Kotka”.
  • Christinas clinic
    Pärnu mnt. 67A, 8. korrus, Tallinn
    With 25 years of experience, Christinas Clinic is an aesthetic and general surgery clinic in Estonia with partners in the United Kingdom, Sweden and Finland. With a dedicated team and a specially developed and built state-of-the art physical clinic, Christinas Clinic is one of the very few clinics offering aesthetic and general surgery in the region that provides a full-package solution from consultation to surgery to recovery and check-up (rather than just being a so-called medical intermediary or facilitator). We offer a wide range of the most innovative surgical and non-surgical procedures, based on the needs and desires of our patients. We are committed to advancing and updating the training of our surgeons as well as the technology, equipment and materials we work with while it is patient satisfaction and the quality of our results that is the Clinic’s true founding principle.