Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on the website user's computer or mobile device. Medihub, like most other websites, stores cookies in order to offer services and enhance the user experience. In this document, we describe what kind of cookies we store.

If you don't want our website to store cookies on your computer, you can find instructions from this document on how to block cookies and how to delete the cookies that have already been stored.

In the context of this document, the term "cookies" includes also other similar technological solutions such as Web Storage technology. For additional general information on cookies, see Wikipedia article HTTP cookie.

What kind of cookies we use?

  1. Cookies related to authentication and sessions

    To be able to leave comments and use electronic payments, it is possible to authenticate yourself to the Medihub website. We use cookies to maintain the session of the user during the visit and in some cases also to free the user from the need to reauthenticate during the next visit.

  2. Cookies related to the preferences of the user

    The Medihub website stores the preferences of the user to save their time during the next visits to the website. Cookies are stored to remember the preferred language during the next visits to the website. References to the information that the user has already seen are also stored to sort the information during the next visit so that the new information is displayed before the old information. Such references are not transferred to the Medihub servers.

  3. Third-party cookies

    On its website, Medihub uses also some cookies provided by trusted third parties:

    1. We use very common analytic tools Google Analytics, Heap and Hotjar. These analytic tools store cookies on the user's computer to help Medihub understand how the website is used and to improve the user experience on the website. By means of these cookies, the above-mentioned analytic tools observe the trajectory of the user on the website. For additional information on these cookies, see the corresponding webpages of these tools.
    2. On our website, we use a third-party commenting platform Disqus. Disqus stores cookies on the user's computer, so that the user does not have to reauthenticate themselves the next time they visit the website. For additional information on these cookies, see Disqus's website.

Blocking and deleting cookies

You can block and delete cookies by using the cookie management function of your web browser. To do this, follow the instructions provided by your web browser (usually you can find these in the "Help" menu). You can choose whether you want to block and delete all cookies or only cookies from a specific website. Please be aware that after blocking or deleting cookies you be unable to use some of the functions and possibilities offered by these websites.