1. Searching

Browse among hundreds of clinics and select the best one just for you! To find a suitable clinic on the main page, enter the name of the medical service you are interested in in the search box. Once you have entered the beginning of the word, the search engine will offer you a variety of suitable results. First choose a country and then press the "Find a clinic" button. After that you will see a list of clinics that provide the service you are looking for and you will be able to choose the most suitable. Next to the Medihub partner clinics you will find this sign.

2. Service catalog

If you don't immediately remember the name of the service you are looking for, you can try to start your search from the service directory. From the catalog you will find a medical services tree where you can find a suitable service by choosing the respective service field, specialty, and procedures. Once you have chosen the service you need, the system will automatically transfer you back to the search engine page.

3. Comparing

The results of the clinic search are sorted from the cheapest to the most expensive provider. We have created additional tools for users to help them with sifting out the most suitable clinic. First, the user can sort the clinics starting from the lowest or highest price. Secondly, it is possible to filter the clinics based on our user ratings.

4. Booking

To make a reservation you must first register as a user. Once the most suitable clinic has been chosen, it is possible to select the desired procedure and a doctor from the accompanying list. Create a booking by pressing the "Book appointment" button. After receiving the contact request we will contact the representatives of the chosen clinic and get back to the user with their response.

Frequently asked questions for users

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Frequently asked questions for clinics

  • How and on what terms can a clinic join Medihub?

  • Our clinic is already listed on Medihub but we do not know anything about it?