What it takes to be a medical tourist?

What it takes to be a medical tourist?

Why would you travel to another country for a medical procedure? We'll show you why! Let's say you need to get your eyesight fixed. You want to have a high-quality ReLEx SMILE Laser Eye Surgery because you know this will last a lifetime.

You choose between two options that you found through Medihub: there is one clinic near your home in Helsinki, Finland and the other 87 km away in Tallinn, Estonia. It probably makes you think – do I really want to go to another country for a simple eye surgery? Let us do the math: average ReLEx SMILE Laser Eye Surgery near your home costs 3600 euros but in Estonia you can find the same surgery in ReFocus Eye Clinic for 2500 euros.

When you're choosing the second option you also need to buy the ferry tickets to Tallinn and back – you found the tickets in Tallink website and got them for 58 euros. Plus you will probably have some lunch while enjoying the smooth sea – 54 euros. You can search for accommodation and book a hotel room through Medihub, so you choose the one really close to your clinic – 180 euros for 3 nights. When already in Tallinn, you probably want to have your tourist time and walk through Tallinn Old Town and eat in a fancy restaurant – 50 euros. And of course you want to buy some souvenirs and maybe even a little bottle of Old Tallinn liqueur to take home with you – 50 euros.

In conclusion - you got the perfect eyesight, a little vacation in Tallinn and still saved over 600 euros! Now you can sit back, reminisce the good old days in Tallinn and have a little glass of that Old Tallinn liqueur.

Photo author: Toomas Volmer Source: Tallinn City Tourist Office & Convention Bureau