Laser replaces traditional dental treatment

Laser replaces traditional dental treatment

Laser dental treatment has been gaining popularity during the recent years, because it makes treatment procedures faster and less painful. Lasers have many applications in dental treatment, from aesthetic procedures to oral surgery and rehabilitation. Lasers have been used in medicine since 1960s. Lasers were first adopted in eye surgery. A couple of decades later they were taken into use in oral surgery and then in dentistry as well. Compared to traditional dental treatment, lasers cause less bleeding and less swelling, and the wounds heal faster. At the moment, laser treatment is used as an alternative method, however, quite soon it may totally replace traditional dental treatment.

Use of lasers in dental treatment

Based on the field of application, dental lasers can be divided into two large categories: soft tissue lasers and hard tissue lasers. Lasers enable to perform oral surgical procedures such as removal of tongue-tie, crown extension and removal of neoplasms, but also to remove plaque and whiten teeth effectively and painlessly. Laser teeth whitening has become one of the most popular laser procedures in dentistry. By means of lasers, almost all root canal treatment procedures can be performed. Hard tissue lasers can be used instead of dental drills. With a laser, the removal of caries is less painful and more comfortable, because the classical sound of drilling is missing.

In addition to that, lasers are used to treat painful aphthae (tiny ulcers of the mucous membrane in the oral cavity) and herpes-related inflammation. Low-energy laser photostimulation speeds up the healing of ulcers and alleviates pain.

Laser dental treatment is available in Estonia

Laser dental treatment is becoming increasingly common in Estonia and its neighboring countries. Several dental clinics have listed the prices of laser procedures in their websites. Compared to classical dental treatment, laser procedures are a bit more expensive, however, being more comfortable and leading to faster healing, they are surely worth the price. In Tallinn, laser dental treatment is offered by several clinics, including Viru Hambakliinik and K3 Hambaravi.

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Author: Dr Ave Põld, dentist at Merimetsa Hambakliinik