Privacy Policy

Welcome to read the Privacy Policy of Medihub OÜ. Secure handling of client data and the privacy of clients are very important for Medihub OÜ. Clients' personal data are processed only for the purpose of concluding transactions, gathering feedback or sending some other information at the request of the client.

Medihub processes client data to the extent necessary for concluding transactions initiated by the client and gathering relevant feedback. As an exception, Medihub OÜ may send letters and offers to the client if the client has granted permission to do so.

Medihub reserves the right to make amendments to the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy at any time. The amendments enter into force after publishing them on the webpage. We shall not notify all the clients individually of all the amendments. However, we ask the clients to check the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy every time before using the webpage. We also ask the client to confirm that they have checked our Privacy Policy before concluding a transaction or revealing personal data.

  1. We never share clients' personal data with third parties

    We never share your personal data or other information collected during providing services with third parties (unless required by law). Your personal data related to a booking or some other transaction are shared only with the service provider chosen by you. These data are not disclosed to any third parties (unless it is necessary to conclude the transaction).

  2. Your data are stored in an encrypted form

    We store your personal data in an encrypted form for six months in a database which can be accessed only by individuals authorized to process delicate personal data. After six months, the data will be deleted without a possibility to recover them.

  3. Your data are processed in accordance with the law

    Your personal data are always processed in accordance with all the laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal data. Medihub OÜ has acquired a permission from the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate to process delicate personal data.

  4. We collect personal data only for the purpose of providing services

    We collect and store personal data only for booking appointments on the webpage or providing other services chosen by the client.

    The client's contact data may be used for sending messages related to the booking or for gathering feedback, but not longer than the maximum period specified in Section 2 of this document.

  5. Medihub OÜ uses cookies on its website to provide services and improve the quality of services.

  6. With regard to the collection and processing of personal data, the following information is disclosed to the client:

    1. The person responsible for processing data in Medihub OÜ is Helary Lainjärv, contact
    2. Personal data are processed for the purpose of providing services to the client. The legal basis for processing data is the registration of Medihub OÜ by the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate as a processor of delicate personal data.
    3. Medihub OÜ shall not transfer client's personal data to any third countries outside the European Union or any international organizations.
  7. With regard to processing personal data, we hereby disclose the rights of the data subject:

    1. the right to make contact with the person responsible for processing data and apply for access to the personal data regarding the data subject;
    2. the right to demand a change to or deletion of personal data, the right to limit data processing, and the right to object to processing personal data;
    3. the right to demand information on the right to transfer personal data;
    4. the right to file a claim to the respective inspectorate.