Terms of Service

  1. Welcome to the homepage of Medihub OÜ (registry code 12847026), a company registered under the law of the Republic of Estonia. Medihub OÜ can be contacted at: Raekoja plats 16, 51004 Tartu, email info@medihub.org
  2. The client may use only their own personal data on the website. As an exception, while making a booking, a legal guardian is allowed to enter the personal data of a minor or a person without active legal capacity, however, in that case a corresponding notice must be entered in the additional information text box.
  3. Medihub shall have no liability for services that are not under its reasonable control. Medihub shall have no liability for the availability of the health service found through the website, the qualification and competence of the health service provider, and the quality of the service. Medihub shall have no liability for the services and medical errors of the clinics. Also, Medihub shall have no liability for the provision of financial services, insurance and other services promoted on the website.
  4. The clinics may enforce additional requirements on users in connection with the service booking confirmation; for example, they may ask the user to fill in an additional questionnaire or pay a booking fee. By booking an appointment at a clinic, the user agrees to follow all the requirements, otherwise the clinic may cancel the booking.
  5. The prices given by Medihub are only approximate. Medihub shall have no liability for the changes the clinics may make in their price lists.
  6. Medihub is not a health service provider. Medihub develops a platform that helps the patients to find a suitable health institution or health service provider. The information on the clinics on the Medihub website is based on the information that has been published on the homepages of these clinics and is freely available for everyone, or information received directly from the clinics. Medihub only offers a digital device that helps to search for and compare clinics.
  7. Activities on the website and ways of using the website that are against the law or good morals are prohibited. Medihub moderates user comments to guarantee their quality and relevance.
  8. Medihub reserves the right to make amendments to the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy at any time. The amendments enter into force after publishing them on the webpage. We shall not notify all the clients individually of all the amendments. However, we ask the clients to check the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy every time before concluding a transaction or making a booking.
  9. Using the service in a way that is against the law or violates the privacy of other persons is prohibited. It is also prohibited to use any automatic devices or manual processes to monitor the content of our website or copy its content without our prior written consent. Medihub is registered in the Estonian Patent Office as a trademark (number M201600630).